You're looking at a piece of internet history! This website is maintained for its sentimental value only; the information here is no longer relevant and likely incorrect.

Pixel-perfect web design & development

Hi, I'm Nikhil Benesch.

I'm from Rochester, NY, and I've been at this for four years. Who says that high school students can't build professional websites? Read more »

I'm currently lucky enough to be studying Computer Science at Harvard University. I'm fun and easy to work with, insist upon hand coding every piece of HTML, and have an inexplicable love for monkeys. Hire me—I'd love to work with you! My portfolio is below.

In-person consultations available in Rochester, NY and Cambridge, MA; otherwise, we can definitely set something up via email or phone.

Blogs. Web apps. Portfolios. Custom CMSs.

I'm not picky. Tell me what you need—whether it's initial design concepts or hard coding. I can take care of everything, right up to the domain name and web hosting.

I'm partial to Symphony CMS, but I can work with nearly anything: Wordpress, Blogger, Joomla, even custom sites.


Hilton & UNAR Model UN

A complete redesign of the website for Rochester's two annual Model UN conferences. Both sponsored by UNAR, the site seamlessly transitions between conferences.

Custom backend, built with Symphony CMS, allows for management without any technical knowledge.

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HMS Student Council

A fresh, clean look for the Harvard Medical School Student Council, modeled after the theme of the main Harvard University site.

Custom developed with Perch, a get-out-of-your-way CMS with a powerfully simplistic administration console.

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This nifty Model UN web application keeps track of a committee's speakers list and quorum. Designed for classroom readability on projector screen.

Controlled by the committee chair through an unobtrusive command line interface. Try it!

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Brighton Field Hockey

The Field Hockey website serves as the hub for Brighton's team. Showcases photos, keeps track of games and standings, and lists upcoming events.

Powered by Radiant CMS to allow for easy site management without HTML.

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Brighton Math Team

A rush job yet still beautiful, the Math Team website couples the standard Wordpress template with a modified Ticket Sales plugin to collect student's topic preferences for each meet. Integrates with a desktop scheduling program to optimize team placement.

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